The company specializes in vehicle lifts up to 50 tons and various types of lifting equipment for different branches of industry. As a leader among manufacturers of this type of equipment, we strive to continually develop our technology used and the production process. We also develop quality control, making that our lifts are not only extremely durable, but also reliable, even when used in very demanding conditions. We invite you to co-operation.

CAR-LIFT SERVICE Sp. z o. o. specializes in the production of machines for automation and robotic manufacturing processes. It is one of the largest integrators of robotic workstations with robots of Comau in Poland.

CAR-LIFT SERVICE Sp. z o. o. has design rooms with computer-programming facilities. Execution of details is carried out on own machine park and a well developed network of external cooperation.

We have engineering and technical staff in teams:

  • designers-mechanics,
  • designers of measuring and automatics systems,
  • designers of control and protection systems,
  • programming specialists of PLC programmers, HMI operator panels and SCADA systems.

We are provided with the certificate according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 in the range of design, production and service of technical devices.

Many years of experience, own production base and service available throughout the country, provide security and guarantee implementation and professional approach to the client.

CAR-LIFT SERVICE Sp. z o. o. specializes in the production of semi-automatic and automatic workstations in the following fields:

  • automotive industry,
  • production of household articles,
  • food industry,
  • production of furniture,
  • metal and building industry.


CAR-LIFT SERVICE Sp. z o. o. realizes robotic workstations implemented in processes of:

  • feeding of details to machine centres combined with vision systems,
  • palletization with transport systems,
  • spreading of water coats and solvents (EX),
  • connectingandmaking upassembliesin productionprocesses,
  • repair ofprocessing machinesalongwith the integrationofindustrial robots.


CAR-LIFT SERVICE Sp. z o. o. realizes the automation of thermal processes:

  • in power engineering and industry energy,
  • in heat engineering.